• 70+ Hospitals Choose AUVS

    Contamination Levels on Phones, Medical and EHR Devices

    Increase Hospital Interest in New Germicidal Enclosure

    More than 70 Facilities Commit to “The UV Box,” which Sanitizes 99.9% of C. diff and MRSA in just 48-seconds

    For a growing number of hospitals, the challenge to protect staff, patients and family members is leading to the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure from Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems, llc. (AUVS).  Less than 6 months after its official release, more than 70 leading hospitals have either made multi-unit purchases or budgeted for the UV-based KR615 in 2017. That number is quickly growing according to AUVS President and Founder, Jim Psihas. Read Full Story.