Filling the Gaps in Your Infection Prevention Protocol

High-touch devices that move in and out of your patient room including cell phones and tablets are a proven source of cross contamination and Hospital Associated Infections.

AUVS lets you put the solution at the source with the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure.

Becoming widely referred to as The UV Box, the AUVS KR615 fills the gaps in your Infection Prevention Protocol, working continuously between terminal cleanings and providing a better option than wipes.

Our patented UV technology delivers up to 4 log, 99.99% disinfection of the toughest contaminants including MRSA and C. diff.
High-touch medical and non-medical devices are a proven source of cross contamination
HAIs: A $45-Billion Problem Impacting Hospitals and Patient Outcomes

According to the CDC, Hospital Associated Infections (HAI) are estimated to cost US hospitals $45-Billion. The problem negatively impacts patient
outcomes with hospital stays being increased by an average of 19 days. In addition to the physical and psychological toll on patients, staff and family members, these extended stays hit the hospital’s bottom line. Based on 2014 estimates, a facility with $50-million in annual Medicare inpatient revenue has $6.6-million at risk.

The microbial pathogens related to HAI are often transmitted through cross contamination of high-touch devices and inadequately cleaned surfaces.

Germicidal wipes and bleaches are common but ineffective answers with numerous drawbacks. Disinfecting robots address the problem but have their own drawbacks including cost, service and inability to address all surfaces that might harbor pathogenic microorganisms. They are not a complete solution.

Today, Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS)—led by one of the foremost experts on microbial UV radiation as a sanitizing agent—is
addressing these gaps with the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure.

HAI: The Cost

    • $45-Billion Annually
    • 19 Day Average LOS Increase
    • $3.8 Billion MRSA Costs:
      – $30,000 to $60,000 Per Incident
      – $760,000 Annually
      for a 200-Bed Hospital
    • $4.8 Billion C. diff Costs:
      – $18,000 to $90,000 Per Incident
      – $960,000 Annually
      for a 200 Bed Hospital
The AUVS KR615: Meeting the Challenge

KR615 from AUVS puts the solution where the problem is: through-out your hospital to disinfect mobile devices, which are proven agents of cross contamination. Designed using patented germicidal advanced UV technology, the KR615 is a more efficient, less expensive and user friendly solution compared to wipes or liquid disinfectants.

Simply place each item in the enclosure and press the button. The KR615 runs through a 55-second UV disinfection cycle. UV is the leading microbial sanitizing agent available. The process can be repeated, not only during room cleaning and turn-over, but as frequently as needed, even while the patient is in the room.

For Your Patients, Their Families and Your Staff

The KR615 allows hospitals to sanitize the devices most often handled by healthcare workers, patients and family members, helping prevent the spread of infection in and out of the hospital.

“The KR615 is automatic, providing consistent results. It is simple to use, with no learning curve. It is less expensive than germicidal wipes, quicker than current solutions, inexpensive to buy and environmentally friendly.”

The AUVS KR615

If it Fits it’s Disinfected, In Just 55 Seconds!
AUVS: Science, Experience and Innovation

Drug-resistant superbugs associated with HAIs are killed by the destructive effects of the UV 254 nm germicidal wavelength used in the AUVS KR615 Sanitizer.

Dr. Wayne Clark, a recognized expert in germicidal UV applications, developed the KR615 specifically to address the spread of infection in healthcare environments.

He holds multiple patents and has been contracted by the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Pentagon’s Immune Building program to address threats of bio-terrorism in air handlers. Along with his team of PHD’s in electrical engineering, plasma physics and nuclear engineering, Dr. Clark developed the KR615 based on their work for the Department of Defense.

Dr. Clark’s patented technology utilizes UV radiation to create a homogeneous flux of photons to sanitize items. Its innovative UV enhancement or “photon multiplication” technology permits the use of relatively low power UV sources to achieve high microbial kill levels.

This technology permits the creation of very intense, highly uniform UV doses without increasing the input power. In addition, AUVS’ reflective cavity technology is designed to assure that the UV energy reflects to every location in the cavity from every direction.

The system is set for a 55-second cycle. At that duration, the KR615 effectively destroys one of the most problematic contaminants – C. diff.

UVC Technology

Dr. Wayne Clark developed the KR615 to address the spread of infection in healthcare environments.

A Remarkable Price for UV Infection Prevention

The AUVS KR615 is an economical, easy to use system that generates no waste. The KR615 represents the best price point available for this level of UV Infection Prevention.  Wipes and disinfectants, on the other hand, have a variety of drawbacks, are less effective and more costly.

Wipes: An Ongoing Cost

Based on manufacturer’s recommended usage of one C. diff germicidal wipe per surface and assuming 10 wipes per day/per room, a hospital with an 85% occupancy will spend $62,000 annually on wipes per each 200 beds. This is an ongoing expense, certain to increase as the cost of wipes increases. Additional costs include ordering, inbound shipping/receiving, storage and dumping.

KR615: A One-time Cost

The KR615 is a one-time cost. It is a bedside utility with no ongoing expenses. And it’s affordable price point allows hospitals to place units in every patient room, ICU, OR, treatment and ED bay. KR615 units placed throughout your facility will pay for themselves in 2.5 to 5 years depending on your current usage of C. diff wipes and your projected incidence of HAI without the KR615.

Return On Investment

Odors and Corrosives

Wipes with bleach solutions produce an offensive odor. Bleaches and similar disinfectants are hard on the skin and may be corrosive to medical equipment surfaces.

Towels soaked in disinfectants present similar issues and have been cited by the FDA, CDC, EPA and OSHA as having the potential to pit and corrode electronic medical equipment.

The KR615 produces no offensive odors; results in no discomfort for healthcare workers and poses no threat to electronic medical equipment. Healthcare workers will gladly use the KR615.

Environmental Impact

A typical 200 bed hospital will send almost 5 truckloads of germicidal C. diff wipes to local landfills over a 10 year period. The KR615 produces no ongoing waste. Landfill dumping and related costs are completely eliminated, making it not only a green solution but a completely sustainable environmental strategy.

Green & Sustainable

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Integrated Solutions
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    A comprehensive Infection Prevention Program integrates the AUVS KR615 Germicidal Enclosure, UV Robots and germicidal wipes. Each serves a specific purpose. Wipes can be used on large, stationary surfaces such as handrails. UV Robots are used to clean rooms when the patient is not present. These are best used for terminal cleaning. The AUVS KR615 addresses cross-contamination on medical and non medical devices every day from admittance through patient release. It accomplishes this without the harsh affects on caregivers and damage to devices associated with wipes and bleaches.


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